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Install LEMP web server and secure it on debian 10

Fail2ban, Ufw, Proftpd, Knockd, Nginx, Mariadb, php7.0-fpm, redis, vhosts, git barre repos, zabbix-agent, dotfiles and more

how to use it

on a fresh install

All commands below are run as root user. Either log in as root user directly or log in as your normal user and then use the command su - to become root user on your server before you proceed. IMPORTANT: You must use su - and not just su, otherwise your PATH variable is set wrong by Debian.

1 install git

apt-get install git

2 clone the repo

git clone

3 change defaut shell from dash to bash

dpkg-reconfigure dash

and answer NO to the the question

4 run the script as root

cd debian-web-server
chmod a+x