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Install web server and secure it on alpine linux 3.9


each alpine linux stable release has it's branch (master is a clone of the last one)


  • upgrade
  • bash
  • misc (procps vim curl tmux etckeeper htop lynx unzip grep shadow coreutils certbot pwgen tzdata)
  • dotfiles
  • user
  • secure openssh
  • Ufw (may be eventualy replaced by awall ?)
  • Fail2ban
  • Knockd
  • Mariadb (bug
  • mysql backups
  • php7-fpm (7.2)
  • redis
  • Nginx
  • drush
  • composer
  • vhosts
  • letsencrypt
  • git barre repos
  • zabbix-agent (3.4 || 4)
  • urbackup-client
  • solr
  • Proftpd

how to use it

on a fresh install as root

0 you may need to install ssh server

apk add openssh
rc-update add sshd
/etc/init.d/sshd start

1 install git

apk add git

2 clone the repo

git clone -b 3.11 --single-branch

3 you have to be root


4 install bash

cd alpine-web-server
. bin/bash

5 run the full install


All script in bin/ can be ran seperatly, but from the repos source exclusively eg: . bin/ Be aware that all scripts need bash and some depends on packages and config installed by bin/, run it once right after bin/ if you wont use the full


Alpine Linux wiki