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HTML2PRINT with gitbook content management


Book src

bin/ will first clone then pull books from git repositories listed in the the script into the directory book-src


bin/ will read the book sources and convert them to html files using pandoc (pypandoc) and BeautifulSoup


gulp is watching assets files to convert scss to css and then rebuild html pages gulp is also runing once on launch a webserver accessible a localhost:8000 and the bin/sync script


  • nodejs
  • python3
  • css-region compatible web browser (webkit)


  • clone this repos
  • run npm install
  • sync : configure the git repository url of md book in bin/sync
  • run gulp from terminal
  • configure book's main properties in assets/css/setup.scss and assets/js/setup.js
  • access to your book at localhost:8000 from a css-region-compatible webbrowser
  • start to design your book with assets/css/styles.css
  • it's also possible to add any dynamic javascript formatting with assets/js/script.js

thanks to osp for their html2print boilerplate