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Arch Linux KDE Plasma 5 Post-Install

Arch install

please follow arch wiki beginners' guide

Post install

once you can boot on your freshly installed arch and you are connected to internet, run the script

You can run it as root or as a regular user but this user have to be a sudoer


the script will propose you functions to automatize some recurent process

  • create a regular user
  • install some basics packages
  • apply some config and cosmetics to prompt, vim, git, etc
  • create a gnupg key
  • secure the system (very very very basic)
  • install xorg server
  • install kde plasma 5 desktop manager
  • install AUR helper: yaourt
  • install CUPS (for printer)
  • (not ready) install long term support kernel
  • install my default package setup (PIM, office, graphic design, devel)
  • install apache webserver, php, mysql


This script is only my note taking along my discovery of Arch Linux install (after a year using Manjaro

It's not fully tested, and may fail at some points, feel free to report bugs, i would be glad to help, or fixe them, if i can/have the time/etc.

Feel free to fixe bugs, add features, with pull requests

This script reflect my vision of a an arch linux install, maybe not yours ...

This script only intend to install arch linux + plasma5 on my laptop only (gigabyte P34W v4) but it may also work for yours


You may want to read and follow the script instead of runing it :)