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 The interface is developed in pure javascript (vanilla). There is no back-office, or server-side code, which makes the application autonomous, to make it available in different contexts : website, desktop application, mobile application. We use the [mithril]( interface framework to gain weight and speed of development. This framework is at the same time very light, flexible in these models of use, and very fast.
 We have not added any additional js plugin, such as jquery for example, in order to gain execution velocity and because current javascript environments are powerful enough and standardized enough to be used as is. [webpack]( serves as a development environment, which allows to design the source application of different modules arranged between them. This has the effect of better organizing the code and allow a more fluid collaborative work.
+### Sources
+All sources of design and codes of the application will be shared under free license Gnu GPLv2 via this deposit. If you are interested to use parts of this work please make your request to